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The Phantom Menace

"There is nothing more difficult than waking someone up who is pretending to be asleep."

We are not alone in the universe! The Prometheus satellite, while orbiting the Earth, has intercepted a message from an alien station ready to invade our planet. Intelligence services around the world are forming a team to undertake this top-secret mission. Are you ready to face the phantom threats?

"It was music that gave me the desire to connect with others, especially those who think differently than I do. All I have is a story to tell."
Daryl Davis
Blues player, Chicago
"One day I walked into my school's library, found a book about energy, read it, tried to build a wind turbine blade, and... I did it! With items salvaged from the landfill I was able to bring electricity to my entire village, you should have seen the awesomeness!"
Inventor, Malawi
"The passion and interest that my classes devoted to the study of the animal and plant kingdoms is a source of great inspiration for me. Perhaps this is also why I started raising bees in my garden a few months ago..."
Teacher at an elementary school, Perth, Australia

All these characters have is a story to tell. It will be your task to find out how to use the stories to stop The Phantom Menace.