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Festival of Sustainable Development - #StiamoAgendo

escape racism

Escape4Change will participate in the Festival of Sustainable Development. "Fight Racism" will be available at our office during the Festival.

Have you ever thought about how obtuse it is to discriminate against someone due to their skin color?

We once came across a video made by a graphic designer where he demonstrated the equality of all human races. So we also did it in a particular way: by showing that we're all orange!

You can say, but how is that possible? And we'll tell you this: brown doesn’t exist! Brown color is an orange with less brightness. Basically, the skin appears to be darker if it absorbs more light, and more bright if it reflects more light. But ultimately, the main color shade is always orange! Amazing, isn't it?

Amazing as our Escape Room "Fight Racism" will be available to the public at the Festival of Sustainable Development promoted by ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development.

WHEN: September 28 - October 14
WHERE: our office in Via Dante di Nanni 50, Torino
HOURS: every evening from 18.00 to 20.00

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: form a group of people (ideally 4) and come visit us!

Improve the world! Fight against racism and any other form of discrimination. Because a more united world is - a more sustainable it is!

Follow ASviS!

Below is the commercial for the Sustainable Development Festival.


This Escape Room is built within the Escape Racism – Toolbox to promote inclusive communities, co-financed by the European Commission within the Erasmus + KA2 program and by the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino.

Partners: CeipesTamaszpontAspaymCoventry University